Permits and Passes

You must do two things before climbing Mount Rainier:

1.  Register for a Permit:
Federal law 
36 CFR §7.5(b)(1) requires that all people traveling on glaciers or above 10,000' must register to climb Mount Rainier. Please make sure you go to a ranger station and register in-person with a ranger or follow all the directions and self-register at an open registration kiosk in the park (self-registration is only available in the winter months). This information enables us to perform a far more efficient search and rescue effort, should you require assistance.

2.  Pay for your Climbing Pass:

The Mount Rainier Climbing Pass is an annual pass, valid for the calendar year in which it was purchased.
     -Adult Pass ($46 / person) for those 25 and older.
     -Youth Pass ($32 / person) for those 24 and younger.
To purchase a climbing pass ahead of time (greater than 1 week before your trip) please submit via fax a Climbing Pass Purchase Form. You may also purchase your pass when you come to the park for your climb at the time of registration.

The ranger stations at which you can complete these steps are (click links to see hours):

- Longmire Wilderness Information Center
- Paradise Jackson Visitor Center
- Carbon River Ranger Station
- White River Ranger Station

Climbers can also self-register* during the off-season (Labor Day through Memorial Day) at:
- Paradise Old Ranger Station (inside the grey plywood porch door by the smaller flag pole)
- White River Ranger Station Porch
*Self-Registration is an "easy" four step process. It is outlined in detail on the self-registration box. Here's the gist of the self-registration process:
Step 1.) Fill out a blank climber's registration card completely (there's a back side!).  
Step 2.) Cut the registration card on the vertical line (with the scissors!) and take the smaller piece with you, but put the large section with your address and emergency contact info in the wooden box.
Step 3.) Fill out a small fee envelope to purchase a climbing pass: put cash, check, or card information on it, and put it in the heavy metal box inside the metal post nearby.
Step 4.) Take blue bags, maps, and bearing sheets as needed - all are stocked in the kiosk.